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US troops disembark on 15 September

The Battle of Morotai, part of the Pacific War, began on 15 September 1944, and continued until the end of the war in August 1945. The fighting started when United States and Australian forces landed on the south-west corner of Morotai, a small island in the Netherlands East Indies (NEI), which the Allies needed as a base to support the liberation of the Philippines later that year. The invading forces greatly outnumbered the island's Japanese defenders, and secured their objectives in two weeks. Japanese reinforcements were landed on the island between September and November, but lacked the supplies needed to effectively attack the Allied defensive perimeter. Intermittent fighting continued until the end of the war, with the Japanese troops suffering heavy loss of life from disease and starvation. South-western Morotai was subsequently developed into a major Allied base, with facilities on the island being used to support landings in the Philippines and Borneo. Torpedo boats and aircraft based at Morotai also harassed Japanese positions in the NEI. Morotai remained an important logistical hub and command center until the Dutch reestablished their colonial rule in the NEI. (Full article...)

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A stone sculpture at the Chokkanathaswamy temple

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closeup picture of Oscar Pistorius's head and upper body after winning a race in 2011

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September 15: International Day of Democracy; Independence Day in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua (1821); Battle of Britain Day in the United Kingdom

Inaugural journey of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway

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A black-and-white drawing of five people, two women and three men, the rightmost of which is shooting a gun at the man sitting next to him

During the history of the United States, eight presidents have died in office. Of those eight, four were assassinated and four died of natural causes. William Henry Harrison holds the record for shortest term served, holding the office of presidency for 31 days before dying of pneumonia. Zachary Taylor died from acute gastroenteritis. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to be assassinated (assassination pictured). President James A. Garfield was assassinated by Charles J. Guiteau. President William McKinley died from complications after being shot twice by Leon Czolgosz. President Warren G. Harding suffered a heart attack and died. Franklin Delano Roosevelt collapsed and died as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage. The most recent president to die in office was John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated with two rifle shots on November 22, 1963. (Full list...)

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Lake Bonneville

A Pleistocene epoch map showing the extent of pluvial lakes in the northwestern United States, around 17,500 years before present, and directions of outflows, including the flood released by Lake Bonneville. The most recent version of this lake formed about 32,000 years ago, and at its peak it covered an area similar to Lake Michigan today. Contemporary remnants include Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake.

Map: Fallschirmj ger

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