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Sometimes your career can feel like an overwhelming mystery, always wondering if you should be doing something else to get further ahead. It can be tricky to figure out how to manage your career and find success. We spoke to Kayla Buell, author of Corporate Survival Guide for Your Twenties, about how to be your most successful self along with your unique career path.


Take some time to learn more about yourself and your work habits. It’s important to have a good understanding of how you’re most productive. Buell explains, “not everyone is productive at the same time, and we all have different work habits that we may or may not be aware of.” It’s important to take stock of your tendencies and when and how you are most efficient and effective when working.

  • When are you most productive?
  • When are you most focused?
  • Where are you most productive?

Answering questions like these will give you insight into your natural productivity.


On the flipside, it’s important to understand your weaknesses too. Buell points out that weaknesses are only an issue if you’re oblivious to them. “When you know what your weaknesses are, you’re in a much better position than those who simply live in denial,” she says. Once you recognize what you lack, you can work to improve. If you can’t improve, that’s okay too, Buell says. Creating awareness will make you more successful because you can factor your weaknesses into your career decisions.

When you know what your weaknesses are, you’re in a much better position than those who simply live in denial


“You don’t want to forget about all the great work you’ve been doing, so keep track of it all. Build a portfolio you’re proud of, and you’ll have examples and proof of your experiences and accomplishments at the ready,” Buell says. Having tangible accounts of your work can be a key factor in securing a new job in the future. Buell recommends “having some portfolio or journal where you record all of your greatest accomplishments including any big projects you’re fortunate to work on, and the best examples of your work.” You never know when you’ll need it, so always be ready.


Since you never know when a new opportunity will come knocking, you should always keep your resume up-to-date. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated with clear and succinct descriptions of your work history. Don’t wait to update it the last minute before you begin applying to new jobs.


You are ultimately in control of your success in your career. Buell stresses this point: “It’s up to you to go after the things you want in your life, and if you don’t do it for yourself, it’s never going to happen. It takes hard work and a lot of dedication to be successful at work.” Nobody is going to hand you career opportunities. Apply for the jobs you want, and fight for the projects you’re hungry to take on at work. Don’t forget; you have the power to forge your career path and decide what success will look like for you.


Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Have an updated resume and portfolio at the ready

Take control of your career and seek out opportunities

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