When you believe helping others is a personal responsibility, you won’t stop short of finding ways to lend a hand. Since her childhood, Lori has been known for going out of her way to make a difference.

Lori Adams is a winner of the Relentless Agent Awards and when she talks about why she loves real estate, it paints the bigger picture of what makes her relentless.

“Real estate is perfect for me because I get to help people achieve one of their lifelong goals.” 

Lori Adams

Lori’s unique perspective has helped her become known for an out of the box, solution-oriented way of thinking that goes above and beyond in meeting the needs of her clients.  From hosting fundraisers, in the time of need, to offering her assistance to the town she lives in when the unthinkable happened, there is no limit to Lori’s compassion and caring nature. 

Becoming a connector in her local community and within her sphere of influence is something that Lori takes pride in. For her, it’s not just about building a network for her business. Lori has built, what she calls, a lifetime of connections she can depend on to help her meet the needs of her clients. 

Lori believes it’s the behind the scenes work that goes into connecting her community and helping others that serve as her ‘why.’ Learn more about Lori and her relentless story by visiting the Relentless Agent Awards website. #jointheconversation