When helping clients with the biggest financial decision of their lives, Edna doesn’t just see her role as a real estate agent. Even with her 16 years of experience and a growing list of satisfied clients, there’s something more that gives Edna the drive and passion to give it 121%, day in and day out.

Who is Edna Kimble? She’s one of the winners of the Relentless Agent Awards and there’s one thing that’s for certain. She loves her community and she spends a lot of her time serving those who are a part of it. Whether she’s volunteering at a local shelter for women or working with an organization that helps people with disabilities, Edna see’s her role as helping to build a strong community, vital. For her, “giving back” gives her a sense of purpose and value. Bringing new families into the community, building lasting relationships with her current and previous clients, while serving those in need are the ways she remains driven. This, Edna believes, takes the process of buying or selling a home from transactional to relational.

Her relentless mindset has shown true with one of her previous clients. She was working with a veteran to help him sell his home. Edna and her client encountered numerous obstacles, including her losing contact with the him, only days before his home would go up for auction. Edna made up in her mind that she would stop at nothing to make sure her client not only sold his home, but that his every need would be taken care of in the process. It took Edna (and the help of the agents at Century 21 Wright Real Estate) days to locate her missing client, and when they finally did, they had only minutes to obtain the client’s signature on the necessary documents in order to sell his home before it went to auction. 

What makes Edna’s story so remarkable was that for her, it wasn’t about the sale. It was about going above and beyond to help someone that was in need. Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture of how helping buyers and sellers impacts the community, is how Edna sees herself building the place she loves so much. Learn more about Edna’s story, by visiting the Relentless Agent Awards website. #jointheconversation