When a relentless mindset is a part of your DNA, you become a go-getter in everything you do. Make no mistake, Nancy Andreason is as relentless as they come, and she is one of the winners of the Relentless Agent Awards. 

At the age of 18, Nancy spent three years in the Philippines, serving on a missions trip. Those years were life changing and she’s taken a lot of what she’s learned into her career in real estate. She described herself as being shy and lacking confidence but, when her missions team was tasked with knocking on doors each day, Nancy found the drive to overcome her fears. Nancy explains, “Living in a foreign country and serving others, made you become selfless. You had to spend a great deal of time talking to people and sacrificing the comforts of home.” Finding the confidence to talk to strangers, despite the language barrier was only the beginning of Nancy’s persistence. 

Nancy’s motivation and drive are what left a lasting impression on one client, in particular. When Nancy learned of a probate listing in her market, she did some research of her own, and reached out to the point of contact. As the contact and Nancy began discussing the listing, it was very apparent that Nancy had gone above and beyond to familiarize herself with the details of the home. Not only was this a display of Nancy’s relentless make-up, but it immediately put her, now, client at ease.

Whether it’s being a mom or managing the business side of her husband’s dental practice, Nancy says, the source of her drive is her family. Carrying this drive into everything she does is what makes Nancy one of our most relentless. Learn more about Nancy by visiting the Relentless Agent Awards website and #jointheconversation.