New Home Checklist: Needs and Wants

If you’re shopping for a home for the first time, you might find yourself thinking, “Where do I even begin?” It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of searching for your home, and it can be hard to consider what we actually need and not what we simply want. Do you really need a house with a spacious backyard if you don’t have children or pets? And yes, a swimming pool would be nice, but is there enough room for one in your budget?

When shopping for a new home, the needs have to outweigh the wants. For now, it’s more important for you to find a home in a good location, with the right amount of rooms than one with a pool.

This New Home Checklist encourages you to separate what you need in a home from what you want in a home. Bring it around to open houses and check things off as you look around! If there are more wants checked off than needs, then this might not be a practical home for you.

What I need in my new home: These are some general things to look for in a new home, but not everything may apply to you! Simply cross off the ones that apply to the home you’re viewing. There’s space to write in your own.

  • Good location
  • Strong school district
  • Reasonably sized rooms (not too small OR too big)
  • Interior layout that I like
  • Home with solid foundation
  • Good amount of natural light
  • Attached garage
  • A driveway or somewhere to park cars easily

What I want in my new home: Write down everything that makes up your ideal home! A swimming pool, a sprawling backyard, and a beautiful, spacious kitchen might make the list. Use this space to fill them in and cross them off as you look through the home.



Take a copy of this checklist to each open house you attend. It might make it easier for you to compare different homes. Search for a home that fulfills most of your needs and allots for some of your wants as well. Practicality is important, but so is increasing the likelihood that you love your new home.

Happy house hunting!

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