Before he began his career in real estate, Joe Eletto served in the U.S. military and if you ask him, those three years have helped shape the man he’s become today.

As a winner of the Relentless Agent Award, Joe says he’s willing to do whatever it takes so clients won’t feel a bump throughout the entire homebuying and selling process. He takes his service seriously, and he says there isn’t much he won’t do to go above and beyond, ensuring his client’s satisfaction.

When Joe’s not working on helping a client find a home, you’ll find him actively volunteering in his community, serving military veterans. Tampa, Florida has an active veteran community and because of his previous service, Joe has developed what he’s called a “soft spot” for taking care of other vets, of whom he also refers to as his friends.

One of Joe’s clients encountered challenges while listing his home with a previous agent. When Joe learned his fellow vet needed assistance, he didn’t hesitate to defy and deliver. There were multiple issues with the property and the client was unable to remedy them. To make matters more challenging, the property also had an HOA lien. 

While working on the property to get it ready for showing, all Joe says he could think about, in the 90-degree Florida heat and humidity, was how his client spent time in Iraq, in the desert heat, serving our country. This, Joe says, gave him a better perspective on what he was doing and why.

“I did what I had to do to get the property sold, and the HOA lien lifted.” Joe said.

When you consider serving others as an honor, rising to the occasion and giving 121% becomes second nature. To learn more about Joe and his relentless nature, visit the Relentless Agent Awards website. #jointheconversation