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Relentless Agents 

Learn more about all our Relentless Agent Award winners and what they do that truly embodies what our mission is all about -- being relentless each and every day.

CENTURY 21 Clemens Group

Wendy Chmielewski-Giordani

Before Wendy we would go to showing and the realtor would hand us a paper description and wait at the front door, NOT WENDY, she came equipped with flashlights, sanitizer wipes and walked us through the entire house pointing out things that would potentially be an expense when she saw fit. Wendy is very intentional and pays very close attention to detail. Show me another

CENTURY 21 Bushnell

Kyle Kelley

First, Kyle was able to get our threatening and stubborn renters out of the property in a very positive manner that caused NO problems. Second, he agreed that we should paint the exterior of the house, which we did. Third, he hired a house cleaning service and a landscape team to make sure all details were covered. Fourth, he set up an open house in

CENTURY 21 Excellence Realty

Nikki DiNardo

“Nikki ended up having some of her family members help her empty out the house/clean the house/take items to Goodwill after several trips. They also took 15 to 20 large boxes to UPS to have them shipped to the Seller in Texas. Nikki also took care of all payments and just told her not to worry about it and they would work things out. She

CENTURY 21 AllPoints Realty

Laura Ennis

She literally painted the fence for several days at our new home before closing to assure it would pass as my husband and I are frontline workers as well as we were trying to pack up our old place.

CENTURY 21 Olympian

Banny Lim

After seeing 150+ homes and 8 updated pre-qualification letters later, Ms. Pat closed on a home I found that checked off ALL those boxes.

CENTURY 21 Platinum Properties

Jenna Roberts

Jenna Roberts literally made my dream house (the one I finally purchased) happen, put me under contract on this dream home on the same day Jenna had tooth/mouth surgery. I cannot express how incredible Jenna is.

CENTURY 21 Beggins

Joe Eletto

From beginning to end, Joe represented himself as someone who selflessly cares about veterans and made the process as painless as possible.

CENTURY 21 Wright Real Estate

Edna Kimble

At the closing the seller explained that he had left some personal items in the home and he had no way of getting them since his vehicle was broken down. So later that day, Edna transported numerous personal items (including his deceased wife's Urn!)

CENTURY 21 New Millennium

Simone Plush

To put the icing on the cake, Simone surprised us with a video of our entire journey from ground breaking to closing which left us with tears of joy.

CENTURY 21 Masters

Nancy Andreason

Nancy always made me feel as though I was her only client which was very important to me under the circumstances.