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Relentless Agent Stories

Edna Kimble

CENTURY 21 Wright Real Estate

At the closing the seller explained that he had left some personal items in the home and he had no way of getting them since his vehicle was broken down. So later that day, Edna transported numerous personal items (including his deceased wife's Urn!)

Client Testimonial

A local Lender contacted me stating that a Veteran/Mr. A was in dire need of selling his home. Once contact was made, I realized that the Veteran had equity in his home but was in foreclosure! I needed his Bank to work with me and the local Title Company to get the payoff amount and verify exactly where in the foreclosure process, he was. Mr. A had run into a string of bad luck and had recently locked his keys in his truck. The locksmith opened his truck but kept his Driver's License as collateral until the unlock fee could be paid. Mr. A couldn't remember which locksmith he had used. On the fourth call to a locksmith I found the correct one and negotiated with the locksmith to have the Locksmith take the Driver’s License to the Title company with an invoice which stated that the locksmith would be paid from the proceeds when the home sold. So now we were able to get the exact payoff, and the details of the foreclosure.

Then we found out The Sheriffs sale had already been scheduled and would be taking place within weeks! The home was in major disarray. After only a few minutes in his home we realized that it needed much more than a decluttering and I made a strategic decision to market directly and aggressively as a CASH only purchase. The home would not have been financeable due to its extensive delayed maintenance (buckling floors, broken windows, water leaks, etc.)

The homeowner received notice that he needed to turn the keys over for the Sheriffs Sale, so he decided to relocate and move in with a friend and forgot to tell me his new address. During the moving process his monthly disability check was misrouted and his inability to pay his cell phone bill caused it to be turned off. I was trying to contact him to make him aware that I had found a cash buyer that would purchase the home, "AS IS" and could close 3 days before the Sheriffs sale. I needed Mr. A's signature on the cash offer but could not locate him. My amazing assistant and several other awesome Realtors from my office started helping me search. We checked with the local hospitals, VA programs, DHS, local police department, and Home Health Companies. No one was aware of his new location.

There was no way I was going to let Mr. A lose his equity without knowing I had done everything! I spent several days driving around the area until we were able to locate that friend who shared that Mr. A had a son that lived in Arkansas. My assistant was able to track his son down on Facebook. The son had a general idea of where Mr. A had moved to and we were able to find him! 

He signed the contract and we planned to meet for the closing in 4 days. We scheduled for him to sign at 10AM so that we could wrap it up for him and have time to file and cancel the Sheriff Sale. Mr. A didn't show up! I was booked with other appointments and asked for help from my assistant and a fellow Realtor. They drove to Mr. A's home and found that his vehicle had quit working and he had no way to get into town. So they drove him to the closing arriving at 4:40pm (with 10 minutes to spare!)

At the closing he explained that he had left some personal items in the home and he had no way of getting them since his vehicle was broken down. So later that day, I transported numerous personal items (including his deceased wife's Urn!) This was one for the books and I was so happy to get this one closed! 


Interview With Our Relentless Agents

Q: Everyone has a story about how and why they got into real estate – was there something or someone who introduced you to the industry?
A: I had a really bad experience selling a home. We pretty much made every wrong decision possible and it caused so much stress on our family and wiped out our finances. We had NOT researched the Realtor that we hired and it turned out that she was part time and not very knowledgeable. I decided to get my License so that I could assist others. I consider myself a good problem solver and am resolution oriented. I felt that I could hopefully help others to avoid the major pitfalls that my husband and I had made.
Q: It can be an intimidating experience to work with people on the biggest purchase of their lives. Were you intimated? How did you get comfortable with the process?
A: It is such a huge and important decision, most of the time, it’s the largest investment that families make! So, it was an intimidating idea that clients would depend on me to help. My solution for getting comfortable was tons of training and research!
Q: Being a "Relentless Agent" isn't just a saying. It's the above-and-beyond, extra-mile moves that are made every day all in support of our brand mission - to defy mediocrity and deliver extraordinary experiences to clients. What was your motivation to go above and beyond for your client?
A: My motivation is from the people that I meet. They are relying on me to give them information that will impact their family's home situation. They trust me and I know the decisions they are making will affect their future. I enjoy getting to know the clients and their families and watching them grow into a home, upgrade and/or sell and start a new adventure while knowing that I was a part of the process. It is the BEST feeling when at closing I receive a big hug and heartfelt Thank You!!
Q: It can be difficult to go the extra mile day after day – what do you do to stay motivated and relentless for your clients? What advice would you give other agents looking to go the extra mile?
A: Staying motivated --Take care of yourself! You can't help others if you are run down. "You can't pour from an empty glass". I believe in a strong morning routine, with 5AM Club, Meditation and Yoga. It helps keep me centered and a clear minded. Real Estate can be super stressful, and the stress can wear you down. Keeping a good mind set and schedule is paramount to staying motivated!
Q: Were you surprised to be selected as a Relentless Agent? What do you think will be the most enjoyable part of the award experience?
A: Yes! Totally surprised! My Broker said that he wanted me to talk to someone from C21 Corporate office about the experience. He called it an interview, lol. I had no idea that I had been selected! I think the most enjoyable part so far is that my entire office is cheering me on! Such a great positive vibe!
Q: What advice do you have for a consumer looking to find a relentless agent in their local market but might not know where to begin?
A: I would advise the clients to call me directly, lol!! But otherwise, they should do their homework! I think it is important for clients to research and read reviews! Interview the Realtor and see if the personalities are a good fit and if you want to spend time letting this person get to know you!