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Relentless Agent Stories

Lori Adams

CENTURY 21 Winklhofer

The seller was amazed at the perseverance and dedication of Lori Adams. She says, "She is a God-send.”

Client Testimonial

My agent, Lori Adams is consistently going above and beyond for her clients. She recently received a call from a potential seller. The owner suffered a devastating fire which resulted in the loss of her son. As a result of the fire, the owner was critically ill. After several months of hospitalization, she was transferred to a nursing home.

With no other family in the area, the owner’s sister, Margaret was faced with the task of dealing with the burned-out shell of a home but lived thousands of miles away. She contacted Lori Adams who immediately set the wheels in motion. She lined up a demolition contractor and supervised the work. Lori was the point of contact for the State Fire Inspector and the Town agencies.

Once the home was demolished and the soil returned, Lori put the land up for sale. Lori even helped return the jewelry that was lost in the fire. We immediately found a buyer.

Margaret was amazed at the perseverance and dedication of Lori Adams.  She says, "She is a God-send".


Interview With Our Relentless Agents

Q: Everyone has a story about how and why they got into real estate – was there something or someone who introduced you to the industry?
A: I worked for a home builder who paid for my license. I left my job and thought I would give selling real estate a chance. Best career move ever!
Q: It can be an intimidating experience to work with people on the biggest purchase of their lives. Were you intimated? How did you get comfortable with the process?
A: I always try to keep in mind what a major purchase this is. Being active in the industry and community is what has gained me confidence.
Q: Being a "Relentless Agent" isn't just a saying. It's the above-and-beyond, extra-mile moves that are made every day all in support of our brand mission - to defy mediocrity and deliver extraordinary experiences to clients. What was your motivation to go above and beyond for your client?
A: It is in my nature. In 1st grade my teacher wrote on my report card “Lori rushes through her work to help others.” My mom told her “I hope she never changes.”
Q: It can be difficult to go the extra mile day after day – what do you do to stay motivated and relentless for your clients? What advice would you give other agents looking to go the extra mile?
A: Get involved. Be grateful that you have the ability to help.
Q: What was going through your mind during your transaction below? Did you know that your work was having such a positive impact on your client?
A: I heard about the tragedy on the local news. I never dreamed it would file back to me. Great empathy for others allows me to use my knowledge and connections for good.
Q: Were you surprised to be selected as a Relentless Agent? What do you think will be the most enjoyable part of the award experience?
A: Very surprised. I never think about the end result. I had no idea the impact would be so great.
Q: What advice do you have for a consumer looking to find a relentless agent in their local market but might not know where to begin?
A: Research the agent as a person. Social media makes this much easier.