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Relentless Agent Stories

Simone Plush

CENTURY 21 New Millennium

To put the icing on the cake, Simone surprised us with a video of our entire journey from ground breaking to closing which left us with tears of joy.

Client Testimonial

All I can say is Simone Plush was amazing from beginning to end. When searching for a realtor, responded in such a way that she stood out way about the others who responded and was unanimously selected by my entire family. She made us feel as though we were her only clients. She answered every question thoroughly and professionally and put our minds at ease. Simone fights for the rights of her clients and made sure we understood everything we were signing. There were questions we had just before closing and could not get a clear answer, we just called Simone. Thank God Simone found a leak in the basement and stopped what could have been a bad problem. She really amazes us! To put the icing on the cake, Simone surprised us with a video of our entire journey from ground breaking to closing which left us with tears of joy. Who thinks to do that, Simone Plush. She made our journey very memorable even during a short disappointing time.


Interview With Our Relentless Agents

Q: Everyone has a story about how and why they got into real estate – was there something or someone who introduced you to the industry?
A: My husband and I were home hunting, had a subpar experience, and decided that I would become our Realtor to make sure we had the best experience. However, I doubted my ability, changed my mind, but my husband consistently motivated me which caused me to believe in myself, and the rest is history!
Q: It can be an intimidating experience to work with people on the biggest purchase of their lives. Were you intimated? How did you get comfortable with the process?
A: I wouldn’t say I was “intimidated,” per say... but rather, nervous to step out there and speak with clients. My F.I.R.E coach, Adriene Pessel, was instrumental in my process in becoming comfortable in my craft along with my Branch Leader, Tommy Higgins, who conducted several role play transactions with me to help me become confident in the process and what to say to [prospective] clients.
Q: Being a "Relentless Agent" isn't just a saying. It's the above-and-beyond, extra-mile moves that are made every day all in support of our brand mission - to defy mediocrity and deliver extraordinary experiences to clients. What was your motivation to go above and beyond for your client?
A: My motivation comes from GOD. Years ago, I asked God to “use me” in any way He saw fit in order to reach His children and do His work. Real Estate is where He placed me as one area where I can do His work. I truly believe real estate is my ministry and that God hand picks my those I am privileged to work with. The way that things transpire with each transaction and how my clients and I organically connect is no mistake... they are as much of a Blessing to me, as they perceive me to be for them... though at times they might not even know it. I interact with each as if it were ME buying/selling, as if they are my only client, and always wanting them to “win” at the end of the transaction. The results and upward progression of my career continue to show me how awesome God is and that I am on the right path.
Q: It can be difficult to go the extra mile day after day – what do you do to stay motivated and relentless for your clients? What advice would you give other agents looking to go the extra mile?
A: I pray EVERY DAY and just keep reminding myself that failure is NOT an option. I try to center myself daily so that I am not easily moved by outside variables (and there are A LOT! Ha!). I have a 2 year old daughter, and I am cognizant that I am creating a “path” for her as she grows, so I better make sure it’s one that I can be proud of and God would be pleased with. My advice to other agents is just be authentically YOU and always work from a place of high morals for those you serve.
Q: What was going through your mind during your transaction below? Did you know that your work was having such a positive impact on your client?
A: I remember that transaction very vividly because it meant so much to me, but for some reason, the builder kept causing issue, after issue which lead to the wife breaking down and crying on at least two occasions. I was STRESSED trying to make sure I got the results the family needed. I was aware they were happy with my services, but after it all ended, I noticed how they treated me and spoke about me to their family and friends which opened my eyes to the fact that they thought way more highly of me than I realized.
Q: Were you surprised to be selected as a Relentless Agent? What do you think will be the most enjoyable part of the award experience?
A: I was ABSOLUTELY SURPRISED that C21 recognized, little ‘ole me! Just being ‘in the building’ will be the most enjoyable. Being recognized for what I do from the heart every day is an amazing feeling, so landing in Arizona will already be the highlight!
Q: What advice do you have for a consumer looking to find a relentless agent in their local market but might not know where to begin?
A: RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! Read reviews, speak to (interview) different agents and get a feel for them. Make sure you CLICK with the agent, and if you don’t feel like you matter or that you are valuable to the agent, then find another. Empower yourself with a Relentless agent and never go at it alone!