A backyard that is well decorated and cared for will complete the look and feel of your home.

It ties everything together and will become a great spot for playing, relaxing, and entertaining.  You’ll never be jealous of the Braverman’s yard again!

5 Ways to Create A Beautiful Backyard image 1

1. Fire Pits: A fire pit is perfect for all seasons. Roast s’mores, tell ghost stories, or bring your cocktail party outdoors. A fire pit will give your backyard a focal point and a new place to make memories with friends and family.

2. Lounge Seating: To add extra comfort, use comfortable, cozy lounge furniture instead of hard, iron or metal seating. Add an outdoor couch and arm chairs with cushions for extra seating. Place the furniture around the fire pit to initiate conversation and create the perfect entertaining area.

3. Lighting: Now that you’re entertaining outdoors you need lighting for evening entertaining. We recommend lanterns, string lights, wall lighting, landscape lighting, and motion-activated lighting.

4. A Fruit and Vegetable Garden: Indulge your green thumb (and impress your friends and family) with home cooked meals using ingredients from your garden. Plant your favorite vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Bon appétit!

5. A Flower Garden: Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “The earth laughs in flowers.” Plant beautiful flowers in your backyard. They’ll look pretty, smell good, and they may even attract gorgeous birds and butterflies!

6. A Table and Chairs: Go ahead, dine al fresco! Put a table and chairs outside so that you can host outdoor dinner parties. You can use the kitchen table or dining room when the weather gets cooler. (Pro Tip: Plant Citronella in your garden to keep the bugs and mosquitos away!)

Don’t just keep up with the Braverman’s. Surpass them with a backyard that is perfect for entertaining friends and family.