While your kids are playing tag, making friendship bracelets, and enjoying s’mores, you can get projects done around your home. These home improvement projects may increase the value of your home. Not looking to sell right now? These projects may make your home more enjoyable in the meantime!

Design a Kitchen Backsplash: Protect your walls from kitchen messes in a stylish way. Backsplashes can be made with all kinds of materials, such as glass, stone, tile, or metal with the versatility to fit any type of design preference. Whether you want something muted or vibrant, plain or intricate, you may be able to create a look you love.

Plant a Garden Path: Embrace your green thumb, and enhance your time spent outside in the sun. Clear a space through a garden or grassy area and lay down stones or tiles to create an easy way to maneuver through your yard. There are countless creative ideas for setting up a charming and unique garden path.

Replace Showerheads: There’s nothing better than cooling off after a hot summer day. Enjoy a refreshing shower with new showerheads. You may want to choose a showerhead with features such as water conservation, stronger water pressure, or even speakers!

Restore Your Deck: Protect your deck so you may be able to use it for many summers to come. Consult with a paint specialist to pick the right finish — make sure to get something waterproof and UV resistant. Clean the entire deck beforehand, and apply the finish with a paint roller or brush.

Paint a Room: Pick up a paintbrush, and change a room’s aesthetic. Read up on color psychology to choose a color that may suit your intended mood. For example, you may want to paint a bedroom or bathroom blue because the color has been associated with feeling calm and tranquil.

Create a Family Organization Station: Getting out the door may be a little bit easier when the entire family is organized. Create a station with a calendar of family activities, a spot for keys, hooks for backpacks, and any important papers like school permission slips or baseball game tickets. Once you do this maybe everyone can sleep in for, “Just five more minutes.”

Get started on these home improvement projects while you still have the house to yourself.