Agent Spotlight: Q&A with Deanna Haskett of CENTURY 21® Everest


This month, we had a chance to sit down with Deanna Haskett of CENTURY 21® Everest in Utah. In the interview, Deanna shared her experience as a millennial agent, her advice to first-time home buyers, and her recent experience working with YouTube star, HeyKayli for CENTURY 21’s Adulting series.


CENTURY 21: What’s the biggest misconception about millennial real estate agents? How do you overcome these misconceptions?

Deanna: That we’re not willing to work hard. I know that nothing in life is free and I dictate my own success. I overcome those misconceptions by providing the best level of service possible and having repeat referrals from my clients.


CENTURY 21: What’s your advice for other millennials looking to find success in the real estate industry?

Deanna: This is a great career, but be prepared to work. You determine how much or how little you make.


CENTURY 21: What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Deanna: I love being my own boss and determining my own success.  My success is based on my actions or non-actions.


CENTURY 21: How has CENTURY 21 supported you during these early years of your career?

Deanna: I have grown so much by coming to the CENTURY 21 Brand. Before I joined Century 21 Real Estate the most deals I’d done in a year was 13. During my first full year with the brand I closed 40 deals and have a goal to close 60 this year.


CENTURY 21: What’s the best way to use social media to attract new clients?

Deanna: I use Facebook to post comments from my clients and share new listings that come up. Make sure to not just make it about real estate though.


CENTURY 21: What was it like working with HeyKayli?

Deanna: Kayli was great to work with! She was super sweet and authentic. I enjoyed meeting her and having the opportunity to show her homes. She has a great personality and seems like a lot of fun! She’s definitely someone I feel I could hang out with.


Check out Deanna Haskett in HeyKayli’s Home Buying: Must-Haves and Nice-to-Haves video and stay tuned for another agent spotlight next month!

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