Agent Spotlight: Q&A with Koi Tasaniyom of CENTURY 21® S.G.R.

As we approach the height of the spring homebuying season, we had a chance to sit down with Koi Tasaniyom of CENTURY 21® S.G.R. in Chicago. In the interview, Koi shared his approach to the busy spring home buying and selling season and details how his background in business has helped him find success in real estate.


CENTURY 21: Tell us a little bit about your career before real estate.

Koi: I worked in the Investor Relations Department of a major Thai commercial bank before coming to the United States in 2006. Once I got here, I earned my MBA from the University of Illinois in Chicago with a concentration in international business and marketing.


CENTURY 21: How did you discover CENTURY 21?

Koi: After I completed my graduate studies, I met a Thai woman who owned a CENTURY 21 office in Chicago. That woman was Nancy Suvarnamani, and she initially gave me a job in the accounting department. After a few years, I earned my broker license and become a real estate professional.


CENTURY 21: How has your business background contributed to your success as a real estate agent?

Koi: My financial and marketing background has allowed me to help my clients make informed real estate decisions. My MBA has also assisted me in working with investors to find properties that suit their real estate investment portfolios.


CENTURY 21: Being from Thailand, do you benefit from the CENTURY 21 Global Network?

Koi: Yes, because the CENTURY 21 Brand has the most recognized global name, the Thai and Asian communities in Chicago feel very comfortable and confident working with a broker affiliated with it.


CENTURY 21: Many people perceive real estate as a second career for people later in life, but as we know, this isn’t the case. What would you say to people who think of real estate in this way?

Koi: Myths die hard. It’s difficult to change people’s mindsets. However, the realtor image, at least in Chicago, has undergone a major transformation. As younger people enter the field with degrees in law, accounting, engineering, etc., even those who believe the myth of real estate as a part-time job see the landscape changing right before their eyes.


CENTURY 21: You are well-versed in Zap. How has it added value to your business?

Koi: Zap has allowed me to engage and interact with clients on a more professional basis. Zap provides several helpful features: Showing Request, Customized Testimonial, Properties I’ve Toured, resources links, and built-in social media site links—it has simplified my realtor activities. Zap allows me to show my commitment to my clients by providing timely and accurate information.


CENTURY 21: Now that we are in the height of the spring home buying/selling season, how do you use Zap to stay on top of your listings?

Koi: Zap allows me to utilize comments on my listing from fellow agents which I then share with my sellers. All of the listings I have are featured on the main page of our office Zap page to create more exposure. The ability to share our Zap property page on social media sites, and send listings to people also helps me to sell my listings in a timely manner.


CENTURY 21: What advice do you have for fellow agents who aren’t currently using Zap?

Koi: Use it. It is one of the best tools to showcase your professionalism. Best of all…it’s FREE.  


Stay tuned for another agent spotlight next month!

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