Benefits of Working With a Real Estate Agent

Choosing a house to call a home is one of the most important decisions people make. Working with a real estate agent can make the home buying or selling process easier and more efficient.

We spoke with agents affiliated with the CENTURY 21® brand to find out why you should work with an agent.

What is one reason why a buyer should work with a CENTURY 21 Agent?

-Helen Hunt, CENTURY 21 Homes and Investments: “I can have your home marketed internationally. We are the best real estate brand in the country.”

-Sarah Gravelle, CENTURY 21 Real Estate Center broker in Puget Sound: “Access to resources at our ready – CENTURY 21 Real Estate can assist a client locally or around the world. Free phone apps allows the client to see what is on the market as it changes, drive neighborhoods, search and share listings and questions with their broker.”

-Jerry Tuscano, CENTURY 21 Elite, New Jersey: “Forbuyers we have an easy to use, full featured mobile app that we can share with a buyer in less than a minute and can start being used right away! Complete with a mortgage calculator and area stats and pictures of area where house is located.”

What is one reason why a seller should work with a CENTURY 21 Agent?

-Helen Hunt, CENTURY  21 Homes and Investments: “Professional, trained, serious about your future.”

-Sarah Gravelle, CENTURY 21 Real Estate Center broker in Puget Sound: “All the unmatched tools and forms of communication to expose the seller’s property to the largest market provide great value.”

-Jerry Tuscano: CENTURY 21 Elite, New Jersey “For sellers we have the best Marketing platform at our fingertips that can be also be used on a mobile device. Marketing their property in an instant.”

Make informed decisions faster so that you can start enjoying your new home sooner. CENTURY 21 Agents have the marketing expertise, tools, resources, and research to help you make a house a home.

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