Best Linkedin Practices for Real Estate Agents

LinkedIn is an essential tool for professionals. The platform currently has over 300 million users who use it to showcase and share their professional accomplishments.

Think of LinkedIn like a public version of your resume, and a community of like-minded peers. If you’ve already tackled the standard social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest now it’s time to use LinkedIn to help promote yourself and your business.

Here are four best practices.

1. Join and participate in groups: There are thousands of groups on LinkedIn that cater to a wide range of industries. Join groups related to real estate and show your thought leadership by being an active participant. Engage and participate in discussions, respond to questions, and ask questions of your own.

2. Share content: It’s recommended that you not share listings on LinkedIn because your connections are not your target market. Instead of sharing listings, we recommend that you share content that shows that you are a thought leader. Use the Rich Media Button to post videos, blog posts, images, documents, and presentations.

3. Optimize your profile: Add keywords to your profile to increase the likelihood that it will come up in search. Use words that are specific to your niche and your location to push your profile to the top of searches. For example, if you do residential listings in Charlotte, North Carolina, make sure those words are included somewhere in your profile.

4. Customize your URL: Change your standard LinkedIn URL to a URL that contains your first and last name. This will make it easier for clients and fellow REALTORS® to identify you.

LinkedIn is providing a new and unique outlet for people to build their personal brand, share advice and insights, and be regarded as an industry expert. These tips will help you do just that.

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