CENTURY 21® Social: Marketing at Community Events

Community events are a great way to connect with potential clients in the area you serve. For years, real estate agents have set up booths and collected contact information in hopes of finding their next lead. Luckily, social media has provided new ways to make these events even more valuable for both sides. Below are a few tips for using social media to make the next event you attend an even bigger success.


  1. Upcoming Events

Follow town organizations on Facebook and Twitter to learn about upcoming events. Nowadays, many local groups and chapters have their own social media accounts (including the town itself). Aside from traditional outlets like the town website or local paper, social media is a great place to not only learn about upcoming events, but to learn about the residents attending. You can also use social media to advertise your participation at local events and invite others to join you.


  1. Social Network Prep

Before any event, make sure your profiles are up to date and engaging. As you’ll read further down, asking people at events to connect with you through social media is a great way to acquire and maintain contacts. It’s important to make sure your profiles contain accurate information and that the content you are sharing is engaging. Remember, your social media pages should always provide value to your followers (not just around events), but these times can serve as “checkups” to make sure everything is up to par.


  1. On-Site Technology

Use a portable device to share photos of listings, display your social networks, or collect information. Having a tablet or other portable device is an easy and efficient way to to do a variety of things. Using it to display listings allows people to effortlessly browse through multiple homes with your guidance. You can also access your social networks and ask people to take out their phones and follow you right on the spot. Finally, you can use an app on your device as a virtual information sheet—visitors can enter their information easily and you can seamlessly convert it to your database.


  1. Social Connections

Ask visitors to connect with you via social media. As previous sections have alluded to, asking visitors to find and connect with you on social media can help provide more meaningful connections. The key is to choose one network (even if you promote your business on several) and give them clear instructions on how to find you. If possible, politely ask them to do it on the spot to avoid the risk of them forgetting once they leave.


  1. Digital Follow Up

Take photos at the event and post them to your social networks during and after. Posting photos of the events you attend allows current followers to see that you’re actively involved in the community and reminds new followers about the event, and more specifically, your interaction. Photos may also be an additional conversation starter within your social page.


Use these tips to make the most of your next community event.

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