DIY: The Ideal Zombie-Proof Home

Just in time for The Walking Dead season four premier, we’ve got an idea for the perfect zombie-proof home. And with Halloween right around the corner, these tips could prove useful even if you’re not a fan of the show.

1)      Remember: safety first. We recommend keeping far from the interstate, soundproofed rooms and plenty of space no matter how large your party is. Also, all windows and doors should be outfitted with retractable, well-maintained steel grates.

2)      Build a large barn perfect for hiding difficult loved ones and neighbors.

3)      Make sure your property has its own well with a locking lid.

4)      Invest in a woodshed fully stocked with axes and other heavy instruments.

5)      Construct a basement bunker that features a generator, vault-strength doors and a self-destruct mechanism.

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