Love gardening? Don’t put the shovel and gardening gloves away just yet. You’re in luck because there are beautiful flowers that will bloom in the fall.

Fall Flowers: 5 Flowers to Plant this Fall image 1

1. Turtleheads: These perennial flowers are named for their shape which resembles the head of a snapping turtle. Turtleheads are low maintenance, grow up to three feet tall, and can blossom in blue, pink, or white. Learn more about how to care for turtleheads from Fine Gardening.

2. Aster: Asters are small, daisy like flowers that can grow up to three feet. Some are relatively smaller, only growing four inches. Depending on the kind of aster, they can be blue, red, white, or pink. Almanac has more information on how to properly care and grow asters.

3. Mums: Mums the word! Mums are a classic fall and winter plant that are seen in many gardens. They’re a perfect flower for planting in large batches and can be either perennial or annual. More information on planting mums can be found at HGTV Gardens.

4. Marigolds: Marigolds bloom any time of the year, including the fall. They can grow up to five feet tall and have daisy or carnation-like flower heads. Learn more about the proper care of marigolds from The Flower Expert.

5. Sneezeweed: These strangely named, large yellow flowers bear a striking resemblance to sunflowers. Best grown in moist, rich soil, they can sprout anywhere from three to five feet tall. Learn more about planting sneezeweed from

These perennials flowers will make your garden look beautiful during any season and they’ll give your garden some color during the fall. Get ready to fall for these gorgeous flowers!