Your children are more precious to you than anything else, and that’s why they are an important part of your decisions related to purchasing a home.

Here are a couple of simple tips to help you find the right home for your family.

Think school first

Websites like can give you an immediate look at the quality of the schools in your area based on a series of ratings.

You can also check with the school district to make sure they have programs to match your children’s needs, like art, music, gifted and talented or special education programs.

Finally, never assume you’re in a given school district based on the home’s location. It’s possible for your neighbors across the street to be enrolled in a completely different school.

A floor plan that works for your family

Does it matter to you if all the bedrooms are on the same floor? If you have small children that don’t sleep through the night, this could be a huge issue.

An open floor plan will also help you as it provides more flexibility to monitor your children’s play throughout the house.

Safe and secure

Reviewing local crime rate data can provide a macro level estimation of an area’s safety but you should also consider whether the yard is fenced, or if the neighborhood has sidewalks for your kids to use.

Then, take a drive around the neighborhood to see how other homeowners are caring for — or not caring for — their homes. This pride of ownership will tell you a lot about whether you want to live here.