When asked “what’s your motto?” Relentless Agent Award winner, Leigh A. Saunders’ response was simple. 

“I’m a straight shooter. I honor you with my honesty.”

Leigh A. Saunders

Her professional background is in the restaurant industry, and Leigh says, she’s learned some key things that have impacted her career in real estate. Her focus, however, isn’t on the numbers. It’s on building relationships with a foundation of honest communication. Leigh is a firm believer that if you focus on the people, everything else will fall into place. This has proven true, in her business, as Leigh has built a proven track record of satisfied clients.

For Leigh, showing someone you respect and value them with honesty, is key in showing them honor. After only four years in real estate, she’s become one of the top agents in her office. Leigh credits a lot of her success to the trust she’s built with her clients and industry professionals she’s worked with, along the way.

When it came down to helping a client sell her family’s cottage during one of the toughest times of her life, Leigh knew exactly what she needed to do. Leigh was consistent in her communication, attentive to her client’s needs, and honest about her client’s best interest. Her client experienced the tragic loss of her sibling, and Leigh became more than just her real estate agent. Leigh’s helpfulness and understanding nature rose to the occasion as she helped her client make tough decisions during that time. This was more than just a sale, to Leigh. It was about helping her client sell a part of her family’s history and ensuring every point of the experience would be in her best interest, even in the midst of her grief.

Learn more about Leigh and her extraordinary story by visiting the Relentless Agent Awards website. #jointheconversation