How to Host a Kid-Friendly Open House

As the warm weather approaches and the last days of school are in sight, your open houses may start to become more of a family affair. Moving is not easy for parents or kids, and summer vacation provides families an opportunity to get settled in and adjust to their new surroundings. For this reason, spring is an ideal time to search for the new family home.

With more little ones popping up at your open houses, it’s wise to consider a few ways to keep them occupied so that their parents can have a good look and overall, a great experience. Here are four tips for hosting an open house that is fun for the whole family.


Hire a babysitter.

Bring in a responsible young adult to look after the kids. Depending on the home and the weather, they can bring the party outdoors or plan a few low-key indoor activities to keep them occupied.


Set up a movie or popular kids’ show.

If you’re looking for something more simple, have a few age-appropriate programs ready to play and provide some healthy, mess-free snacks.


Send them on a scavenger hunt.

If you want to get creative, place a few small “treasures” around the house for kids to find. Give them a list of items to look for and have some small prizes on hand to give away.


Create an activity table.

The kitchen is a great place to set up an activity center—put out washable crayons and a few coloring books or activity sheets. Try to get books for a variety of ages to appeal to all of the kids visiting.


If you do decide to make your open houses kid-friendly, make sure to let people know. Taking the extra steps to accommodate the whole family will not only be appreciated by the parents, it may allow them to better visualize their family in the home and bring you closer to adding a “SOLD” sign to the front lawn.

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