Wellness is a hot topic these days. Whether it’s personal care, anti-aging, nutrition, preventive medicine or spas, wellness is a $4.2 trillion industry, according to the Global Wellness Institute. And companies are responding by creating new products and programs for consumers. Pinterest even introduced emotional well-being activities in response to the millions of searches on emotional health its users conducted in 2018.   

Sherwin-Williams recently surveyed nearly 500 homeowners and 200 interior designers to gauge how wellness is expressed in interior design and décor – and nearly all respondents (94% and 97%, respectively) reported they were incorporating wellness in some way.

Here are five ways you too can incorporate wellness into your home:

  • Natural light. Sunlight boosts vitamin D, wards off seasonal depression and improves sleep. Perhaps that’s why 87% of designers use natural light to improve wellness. So, open those blinds, and let the sun shine in!
  • Air quality. One way to improve air quality in your home is to limit VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Try selecting low- or no-VOC paints, using acetone-free nail polish remover, burning candles made from beeswax or soy and using natural cleaning products.
  • Colors. Certain colors, such as greens and blues, promote calm. The color least likely to be associated with wellness: red.
  • Zen.  You don’t have to leave home to find peace. Consider incorporating a gym/fitness room, reading room, greenhouse, meditation or yoga room into your home.
  • Clutter.  Clutter creates stress, and it’s unpleasant to look at. Eliminating the mess may take time, but the payoff makes it worthwhile. Follow Marie Kondo’s advice to get rid of things that don’t “spark joy,” and replace them with things that do.