There are so many ways to make a house a home. A house is simply a physical structure.

A home is a place where you create meaningful memories with loved ones. It is a place for watching first steps, celebrating birthdays, and enjoying family dinners.

These activities will help you to create memories at home.

1. Plant a garden: Your family will love choosing flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables to plant in your garden. It will become a fun activity that you can do together. Watch the plants grow from season to season and year to year. We recommend also having each family member choose a plant that is uniquely theirs – they’ll have fun watching it grow and change, and it will be a great way to encourage responsibility.

2. Hang photos and art: Create a gallery wall with your children’s art and family photos. Hang holiday photos, first day of school photos, and photos from choice moments. Your kids will feel special when they see their art up on the wall.

3. Start a collection: Start a family collection. You will all get excited when you find something new to add. Collect salt and pepper shakers, vases, or something else that you all enjoy. Display the collection throughout your home, and each piece will remind you of the time you found it.

4. Make a height chart: Mark your children’s height on the door. You’ll love seeing how much they’ve grown, and they will get excited each time you make a new mark.

5. Make a “library” area: You don’t need a library to make a library area. Make a designated part of the home where your kids can curl up with their favorite books or, if your kids are pre-reading level, an area where you can read to them. You’ll make memories when you read together.

These ideas will help you to create new family traditions and memories. As they say, home is where the heart is! Write on our Facebook wall to let us know how your family creates memories at home.