[INFOGRAPHIC] Pro Football Teams Score Big For Real Estate

At CENTURY 21, we can’t help but notice how excited people are about their hometown’s pro football team. That got us thinking: Can a winning team raise the profile of a city? Can game day rituals, energized fans and star players drum up interest from homebuyers?

Armed with these questions, we decided to do a little research. It turns out, our hunch was correct! Take a look at this infographic which illustrates a clear correlation between winning pro football teams and the health of that city’s population and real estate market.

Key Findings:

  • Scoring a Real Estate Touchdown. Four of the five cities with teams that went from a losing record in 2010 to a winning record in 2011 saw average home sales prices increase between 2010 and 2011.
  • Super Win, Super Growth. After winning the championship, Green Bay, WI saw a population growth of 1.7% in 2011, compared to runner up, Pittsburgh’s 0.6% growth.
  • The Tim Tebow Effect? After Tim Tebow was drafted by the Broncos in April of 2010, Denver saw its home value index grow 1.46% before Tebow was traded in March of 2012. Since Tebow was signed by the Jets, New York City has seen its home value index grow 3.87%, perhaps thanks to its newest resident.
  • Losers Never Win. Going from a winning record of 10-6 in 2010 to a losing record of 2-14 in 2011, Indianapolis, the home town of the Colts, saw a 19.8% decrease in home sales.  However, if the #1 draft pick’s play in the preseason is any indication of how the Colts will perform this season, things are looking up for Indy.

  • Sell Out & Sell High. Eight of the nine cities with a team that had attendance rates of 100 percent or more in 2011 saw average home sales prices rise that year.

Have you seen these trends in your hometown?



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Leesa Hilty September 14, 2012
Great info Molly! I live in the Charlotte, NC area, home to the Carolina Panthers and seeing all these football related real estate stats makes me wonder if the Panthers start having more winning seasons - will we see the housing market improve? I'll keep an eye on the stats and get back to you on that! Go Panthers!!
Wealth & Wise » Blog Archive September 13, 2012
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