Introducing The CENTURY 21 Recruiting America’s Heroes Program

This week CENTURY 21 Real Estate announced the launch of a new program, CENTURY 21 Recruiting America’s Heroes. The goal of the program is to give veterans the opportunity and the resources to pursue a career in real estate. We sat down with Carmen Mercado, Director of National Recruiting, to learn more about it and how you can get involved.

C21: How did the idea for the CENTURY 21 Recruiting America’s Heroes program come to life?

CM: This was all through the vision of our President and CEO Rick Davidson. He had this goal and commitment to give back to our veterans and soldiers. He really asked us to take the idea and run with it.  It was a team effort. We created a great system and a new process just for welcoming this community. I am a former military wife myself, so I was very excited to participate.

C21: Tell us about how the program will be implemented.

CM: Our brokers are going to be able to leverage this recruiting platform all across the country. Active or reservist members of the military and their spouses will be about to join the CENTURY 21 franchise as brand new agents. We also welcome experience agents who have served to affiliate with the CENTURY 21 brand through this program. Though the process to get licensed is the same as it would be for any new agent, the Century 21 America’s Heroes program will provide discounts for pre-licensing, discounts to attend our Global Conference and discounts on our continuing education programs.  In some cases, internal training will be available for free. We are also instituting a peer-to-peer mentoring element.

C21: That’s fantastic. It sounds like the CENTURY 21 Recruiting America’s Heroes program will really ease the transition into a new career in real estate.

CM: Our goal is to jump start their career with the CENTURY 21 brand. We want to make sure we are above the mark with this program. We’re very passionate about it.

C21: What skills do you think make veterans uniquely qualified to succeed in real estate?

CM: I could list so many, but two really stick out to me. First, leadership – men and women who serve are used to being in a position of leadership. They are looked upon as leaders of their platoon, their unit, etc. and leadership is a required skill to be successful in the real estate business. You really do own your own business, so knowing how to lead your team is critical. Second, discipline – the military teaches discipline and as an independent contractor with a real estate company you need that sense of discipline and dedication to your mission in order to achieve your goals.

C21: Tell us about the CENTURY 21 Recruiting America’s Heroes program as it relates to our philanthropic partner, Easter Seals.

CM: As you know, we work year round with Easter Seals to support their programs and services. What many people may not know is that in addition to services for children and their families, Easter Seals also provides support to veterans. We are thrilled to collaborate with Easter Seals on the CENTURY 21 Recruiting America’s Heroes program and help to provide a new set of options for men and women returning home.

C21: How can our System members get involved with CENTURY 21 Recruiting America’s Heroes?

CM: We are going to have brochures and flyers which our System members can distribute in their offices. We also encourage any current System members who are veterans to step forward if they are interested in being a peer mentor. As more individuals join through CENTURY 21 Recruiting America’s Heroes, we will be looking to match them with a System member who has served.

If you are interested in being involved with CENTURY 21 Recruiting America’s Heroes, please contact Carmen at

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