Let the Games Begin: Which District Should You Live In?

May the odds be ever in your favor!

It’s the time of the year when your favorite movie franchises hit the big screen. Whether it’s vampires, wizards, or victors, you can always identify with one of your favorite characters (even if you don’t agree with their personal aspirations). In this case, you may be able to identify with a particular district because each one is different and unique in its own way.

We’re not saying we’d want to participate in the ever famous Games, but take this quiz and keep track of your answers to figure out which district of Panem you belong to!

Which material do you prefer to have in your home?

  1. Marble
  2. Wood
  3. Water
  4. Stone

If you could decorate with only one color, which would you choose?

  1. Pink
  2. Brown
  3. Blue
  4. Black

What is your favorite food to make?

  1. Caviar
  2. Fish
  3. Chili
  4. Bread

What is your favorite activity?

  1. Interior Design
  2. Swimming
  3. Camping
  4. Hunting

Now it’s time for your results…

If you chose mostly 1s, you belong in The Capitol!

You enjoy the finer things in life and are more creative than most of your contemporaries. You love being in control, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

If you chose mostly 2s, you belong in District 4!

District 4 is the fishing district so if you love the water, you belong here! Your parents were helping you achieve your dream career path since you could walk. You follow along (for the most part) but you have a rebellious side that comes out when tested.

If you chose mostly 3s, you belong in District 7!

You’ve had an ax to grind with people for as long as you can remember. You may have also been the tree in your school play every single year. This is the district responsible for lumber and wood. If you adore being outdoors and love nature, District 7 is the place for you.

If you chose mostly 4s, you belong in District 12!

Well, aren’t you a regular Katniss Everdeen! District 12 is the coal mining district but also home to The Girl On Fire. You may not have had a lot of money growing up, but you know how to make do. You’re decisive and you’re never on the fence (partially because it is an electric fence…).

For entertainment purposes only.

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