A good-smelling room has more of an impact than you might think Smell is a catalyst for emotions.

According to Rachel Hertz, “The reason why scent is so good at inducing mood is because olfaction has a more direct and immediate connection to the area of the brain that processes emotion than any other sense does.” Additionally, “the effects of aromas are due to our own personal past history with the scents in question, they can be idiosyncratic.” If you have positive memories associated with the smell of cookies or lavender you will feel positive memories when you smell the scent again. Choose some of you favorite scents and use these recipes to make your home smell incredible.

1. Quick Fix Home Deodorizer: For a quick scent change, cut up your favorite fruit, place it in a pot of water, and add in spices and herbs. Allow the water to come to a boil then turn down the heat to let it simmer. This changes the scent in your home while also overpowering any other lingering smells. (Clean My Space)

2. Homemade Room Spray: If you don’t want to release chemicals into the air, opt for making your own room spray. Combine 10-20 drops of an essential oil, three parts water, and one part vodka; mix together in a spray bottle and voila, you have your own, healthy air freshener! (DIY Natural)

3. Scented Wood Blocks: This is a unique and fun way to keep your home smelling great. Gather some small wooden blocks, place them in a container, and spray or paint the blocks with the essential oil of your choice. Pour some extra oil on the blocks, let sit overnight, and then your home will smell fresh and clean! (Northstory)

4. Orange Peel Candles: There’s no need to throw away orange peels, you can create a candle with your favorite fruit. Peel out the orange, making sure to not to remove the inside stem; then, fill with your favorite essential oil and let sit for 45 minutes. Afterwards, light the orange with a candle lighter and you have an all natural, beautifully scented candle for your home. (North Story)

5. Gel Air Freshener: Combine gelatin, food coloring, salt, and essential oils in a mason jar to create a unique and safe gel air freshener. It is inexpensive to make, customizable, and the scent will last for four to six weeks. (Instructables)

6. Homemade Potpourri: Potpourri is staple across many homes. Don’t run out to the store to buy overpriced potpourri. Make your own by drying out flowers, adding essential oils, and allowing the flowers to absorb the oil for a few weeks. (POPSUGAR)

These air fresheners are all natural, customized based upon your preferences, and less expensive than store-bought air fresheners. These DIY projects make perfect scents!