For many decades, whether it was from a television commercial, a newspaper advertisement, a yard sign, or from our signature gold blazers, CENTURY 21 Real Estate had become a household name. We’ve been sharing the stories of our #relentless, who’ve been a part of our growth and momentum, throughout the decades, and though each recount was different, there have been consistencies from every story.

As a brand, we’ve been intentional from the start, in defying mediocrity and delivering the extraordinary to those who are among our ranks. This mindset is carried throughout our affiliates and has impacted the lives of those who seek to achieve the dream of homeownership, throughout the world. We’ve looked for ways to push the bar and set the standard, and disrupt the real estate industry with unconventional partnerships, progressive marketing, and by offering tools that have helped our affiliates more than keep up with the trends in an ever-changing market.

OJ Rodriguez, of CENTURY 21 Citrus, purchased his first franchise in 1998 and then, fifteen years later,  acquired another franchise that opened in 1972. Altogether, he’s celebrating #121wins with 49 years in and CENTURY 21 Citrus topped 2020 in the top 5 for the state of California. When we spoke with OJ about what he remembers most about the 2010s, without hesitation, he shared, “A monumental moment was probably when they did the rebranding.”

OJ Rodriguez 2010's-
CENTURY 21 Real Estate advertisement, prior to the rebrand of 2018.

OJ’s says the branding was more than just a good idea. He believes it was a strategic move, and it’s given agents an edge in today’s competitive market.

OJ Rodriguez 2010's-

Over the decades, OJ says he’s seen the evolution and progression of the brand. Through advertisements, yard signs, and the marketing collateral made available for affiliates, OJ shared that the new branding has a modern and luxury feel that, he says, has helped him reach an extended market.

OJ Rodriguez 2010's-
Current rebranded wordmark.

“Everyone considered the old logo tried and true. In my opinion, trying to go into luxury will be easier because the rebrand looks more like a luxury brand logo than you know.”

In the modern digital age, OJ says, the refresh was needed and helps him keep up with the times. From the colors to the wordmark, to the step and repeat patterns, he’s embraced the new design and is looking forward to the continued momentum of the brand for the next decade.

Be sure to check back in for the last decade we will cover, in this series, as we continue to share the stories of our affiliates who have experienced the evolution of the brand throughout the decades. #OurBrandofRelentless