Open House: Celebrate Fall

It’s no secret that staging and serving food and beverages make an open house more memorable. As the seasons change and we head into fall, check out our recommendations for capitalizing on fall’s most beloved decorations and treats to wow potential buyers.

Strategically place pumpkins

Pick up a few pumpkins, two large and a few small. Use the two large pumpkins to frame the front door and place the small pumpkins around the house – in the entry way, on the kitchen counter, in the bathroom. This will spread the fall spirit throughout the house and make it easy for homebuyers to envision themselves decorating this same space.

Serve up pumpkin flavored treats

Pumpkins make great decorations, but they also add a rich flavor to a variety of baked goods. Visit a local bakery and pick up pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie to serve. When buyers ask where you got the treats from, you can share that they’re from a local bakery and emphasize all the neighborhood has to offer.

Warm the house with apple-centric goodies

When you think fall, you think apples. Bring that fall spirit into your open house by serving hot apple cider (garnish with cinnamon sticks to make the house smell extra delicious), cider donuts, apple crisp or apple pie. What is more American than home ownership and apple pie?

Real estate professionals, what festive fall treats are you serving at your open houses?

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