Order The Stream – Starring Mario Lopez, Kelly Rutherford, Chris Gorham and CENTURY 21

At the end of February we shared some very exciting news, CENTURY 21 is going to be featured in the upcoming film The Stream, alongside major TV stars Mario Lopez, Kelly Rutherford and Christopher Gorham!

The Stream is a production from Dreaming Tree Foundation in collaboration with a group of over 200 teenagers from Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The film is set in the 1980s and the story line involves the lead characters moving out of their current home with the help of who else? A CENTURY 21 agent!

In the film, the CENTURY 21 agent is played by one of our real life System members, Rebecca Malek from CENTURY 21 Alliance in Newtown, PA. Rebecca sported the signature gold jacket (keep in mind, the film is set in 1981).

Now you can order the DVD of the film, which includes a custom CENTURY 21 DVD cover and a custom price just for CENTURY 21 System members of $21 dollars. It is our magic number, after all.

If you’d like to order copies to give to clients, prospects or partners as gift, you can order 10 DVDs for $121 dollars.

The Dreaming Tree Foundation is hoping to break the record for the most DVD pre-orders in history (the current record is 10,000). Let’s do our part and support the goal.


Order your copy now.


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