With the arrival of May, many homeowners’ thoughts turn to backyard barbecues, lazy days by the pool and spending time with family and friends. Outdoor spaces have become an important amenity for homeowners, and if you’re considering upgrading yours this year, take a look at the 2019 Outdoor Living Report recently released by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, a designer of luxury outdoor kitchens.  

What design, color and material trends will shape outdoor living spaces in 2019 and beyond? Here are five takeaways from the designer’s report:  

  1. Food Culture Finds the Outdoors. The back yard has become a mecca for foodies as more people become interested in cooking and cuisine – making room in both their budgets and floor plans for specialty appliances, such as smokers, pizza ovens, wine refrigerators, and outdoor dishwashers.  


  1. Embracing Color.  White and gray may be popular in indoor kitchens, but homeowners are embracing bolder colors outdoors. Bright blues and deep greens are gaining traction, as are unique wood grains and metallic finishes. 


  1. Lasting Style. Homeowners looking to invest in their back yard want the color and design to last – a timeless canvas they can then infuse with trendy colors and patterns through decorative items such as pillows.  


  1. Euro-Inspired Looks. With clean lines, integrated storage drawers and sleek form, European-inspired outdoor kitchen cabinets are growing in popularity, particularly in urban markets and multifamily developments.  


  1. All-Season Living. As homeowners seek to extend the use of their outdoor spaces beyond the summer months, fire pits, integrated heat lamps, and shade solutions are increasing in popularity.  


Which trend will you try for an outdoor living space?