What do you get with you shadow an experienced real estate agent for two years, prior to joining the business? Ask Anne Green. Anne is one of the recipients of the Relentless Agent Awards and, rightfully so. She’s only been an active real estate agent for a year, but she came into the game with an insight you can only gain when you glean from one who’s more experienced.

Anne was mentored by a 38-year real estate veteran and it has changed the way she operates her business. This mentorship opportunity exposed Anne to all the in’s and outs of real estate. Everything from showings, to listing appointments, taking property photos, reading and writing contracts, and of course, the paperwork. It was because of this mentorship relationship that Anne has learned to avoid some of the mistakes she’d seen happen in real estate.

If being mentored wasn’t enough, Anne has also worked in just about every position there is in real estate, behind the scenes. She’s worked as an admin, she’s had her hand in marketing, seriously, you name it. Having the insight of the inner-workings of what it takes to build a successful real estate business has given Anne leverage in her career.

“Real estate is not a typical sales position, it’s a people business.”

Anne Green

Recognizing that real estate is a people business, she says, has trickled over into other areas of her life. Pairing this mindset along with what she’s learned from her mentorship relationship, has inspired Anne to also begin mentoring others.

When we asked Anne, what were the best ways to glean, even if you aren’t in a mentorship relationship, she had this to say:

  1. Be intentional about office time- “Go into the office and spend time there. You learn so much more, being in the office and from being around the other agents. The most valuable knowledge and experience you can gain is from seasoned agents.”
  2. Social media support- “There are tons of Facebook support groups. They can be an excellent wealth of knowledge. You can do a quick search for something and see what others are saying.”

Mentorship and partnering with others aren’t the only relentless ways Anne gets the job done. Read more of her inspiring story when you visit the Relentless Agent Awards website, and don’t forget to #jointheconversation.