[VIDEO] CENTURY 21 Super Bowl Spot – The Director’s Cut


As you know the CENTURY 21 team was out in Los Angeles shooting the commercial for the big game. Today we take you behind the scenes of the shoot with the commercial’s director, Gregg Popp.

Greg gives us the inside scoop on the look and feel of the spot, “We utilize many of the same people that make major motion pictures. For example, our cinematographer, Bill Pope, shot the Matrix series. We have the same camera that was used on Skyfall for James Bond. The point is, even though it’s a 30 second TV spot, we’re approaching it exactly the same way a major motion picture approaches a big film. When people see this, they are going to feel like they are seeing a big movie, only in 30 seconds.”

Watch the director’s cut again at www.century21.com/superbowl.

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Greg Post January 22, 2013
Its all about being Number 1!
Brian Gaverth January 21, 2013
Very cool. Can't wait to see our 30 second movie.
Patti Beaulier January 21, 2013
Wow looks like Century 21 is sparing no expense for the new Commercial!
Matt Fagioli January 21, 2013
Nice. Cool insider look. Can't wait to see the real thing on Superbowl Sunday!