When you think of superpowers, what comes to mind? How about empathy? Jenna Roberts, of Century 21 Platinum in Clarksville, TN has developed a meaningful way to connect with her clients through empathy. When you ask Jenna about her ‘why’ and what makes her so passionate about her real estate career, it’s very evident that her desire to serve, beyond the transaction, is what makes her #relentless. Not everyone can understand, recognize and articulate the thoughts and feelings of others but, it’s quite honestly, one of the superpowers that give Jenna her drive.

With an ability to relate to others in each of their unique situations, Jenna believes that being able to walk a mile in the shoes of her clients, is what helps her go above and beyond to defy mediocrity. And when we say, walk a mile in their shoes, we mean literally! Jenna actually walked up a steep hill with one of her clients, in heels, to tour a property.

I’ve built relationships with all my clients and try to keep in touch with them and not make them feel like it’s a transaction, but a personal relationship. It’s a decision or journey that I’m walking through with them, not just when we close on paper.

Jenna Roberts

Jenna’s thoughtfulness is key to elevating her service with her clients, for every experience. Whether she’s ordering their first meal, after a client has moved into their new home, or personally delivering boxes to the families she serves to help them with their move, elevating her game, at every touchpoint, is second nature. With a heart to serve military families, Jenna is passionate about making a meaningful impact on the lives of those who serve our country. She is a resource for them and looks for ways to go above and beyond to serve local families and those transitioning into the area, in real estate and beyond.

“I just try to put myself in their shoes and try to figure out, what would’ve been easiest for me when I was going through all of the transitions when I moved.” Jenna Roberts

Sometimes, it’s the meaningful connections in life that can leave lasting impressions. Jenna’s ability to connect with her clients, by placing herself in their shoes, has proven to be what makes her relentless.

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