We all know the impact the Millennials have made on office design. They are attached to technology, prefer to work collaboratively and enjoy a live/work/play lifestyle that’s driven mixed-use development.

Now, office-building owners need to get ready for Gen Z, those born after 1995, who are beginning to enter the workforce. Get ready for some changes.

Real-estate tech company Yardi conducted a survey, asking Gen Zers around the U.S. about their office preferences. Here are some of the key results:

  • Goodbye, open floor plans. Gen Z values privacy, with 62.5% of survey respondents saying that privacy is of the utmost importance in the workplace. When asked about their ideal office layout, 38% said they want to work from home and 37% opted for a private office.
  • Their own identity. Gen Zers want to be treated as individuals and are passionate about customization. What makes them happy at the office: 60.5% want to personalize their space.
  • Forget game rooms. Although many employers have game rooms, Gen Zers are more interested in having good food; 49% of survey respondents chose snack/food options as the most important office perks.
  • Environmentally friendly. Some 44% of respondents said working in a green office is important to them.