What does it mean to deliver extraordinary experiences? For our season finale of The Relentless, Dr. Gurner had the opportunity to speak with none other than the Founder and CEO of The Petrova Experience, Liliana Petrova. Her firm specializes in designing experiences and technology solutions to help brands enhance their customer experience.

She’s also the former Head of Customer Experience Programs at JetBlue Airways, where she built the first strategic customer experience plan. This initiative generated more than $6 billion in revenue and serviced over 35 million passengers, annually.

Liliana believes that in order to create a seamless process for your customers, you should endeavor to see the experience from their point of view. This can provide an opportunity for you to create personal touchpoints, throughout your processes, to smooth out your customer’s overall experience. While there may be many factors that are out of your control, Liliana shares that if you focus on what you can control; your response, communication, or timeliness of what you need to communicate, you can, in fact, enhance your customer’s experience.

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When considering companies that have become known for their extraordinary experiences, Liliana says, it’s not about just the products they are selling. It’s often about the conveniences they create that touch the needs of the customer.

Key Takeaways

  1. Customer feedback is the barometer of your brand- Without knowing what your customers think and feel, it may be a challenge to know where to begin. Creating quality surveys and questionnaires can help bring any opportunities to the surface that can help you establish a baseline of where to start in creating extraordinary experiences.
  2. Being in the field can help empathize with your customers- Taking the time to experience your process and systems can allow you to see things from your customers point of view. This can help you to better connect with them and have a deeper empathy for what they experience.
  3. Continue learning, pushing, and looking for opportunities to make an experience better- There’s always room to grow and when you take on the mindset of #AlwaysElevating, you will continue to look for ways to help your customer transactions become more of an experience. This can be in the strengthening of the relationship between you and your customers, or in defying the mediocrity to create a seamless, frictionless, flawless customer experience.

Creating an extraordinary customer experience starts with you. Liliana believes that brands should care about what customers think, how they feel, and what they experience. Keeping these factors top of mind can help you build value in your interaction and relationship with your customers.

When we asked Liliana, what does it mean to be relentless? She shared that being relentless is believing in the impossible, believing in people, and showing and enabling those people to also see the impossible. This is a great start to creating extraordinary experiences. Learn more about how you can enhance your customer’s experience by listening to episode 12 of The Relentless and #jointheconversation.