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Randa Innabi Real Estate Salesperson of CENTURY 21 Dawn's Gold Realty

(4.5) 5 Ratings
I speak: Arabic, English
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  • 2021 - CENTURION®
  • 2020 - CENTURION®
  • 2019 - CENTURION®
  • 2018 - CENTURION®
  • 2017 - CENTURION®
  • 2017 - CENTURION® Honor Society

Client Reviews

4.5 out of 5

(4.5) 5 Ratings
  • Seller review
    Randa Rabadi is the absolute best realtor in Westchester and I highly recommend her to anyone selling a home. She goes above and beyond to make sure you get the best price for your home and makes the process so easy. I sold my first home and thanks to Randa with all her patience and experience we breezed through the entire process and got a great price for it. She explained everything and answered all my questions every step of the way. She checked in with me often and always let me know what was going on. Every time I called, she sounded happy to hear from me and never made me feel like I was annoying her. During one of the big storms, a tree fell in my yard and destroyed my fence. I didn't know who to call to remove it. She helped me find someone to remove the tree and fix the fence for a good price. After the closing, there were piles of leaves that had blown over from across the street. I was not able to clean them up due to a prior commitment. Randa told me not to worry. She swept and bagged two huge bags of leaves herself so the house would look nice for the new buyers. I can't say enough nice things about Randa. She is efficient, knowledgeable, committed and so easy to work with. If you need a great realtor, do yourself a favor and call her. You will not be disappointed.
  • Seller review
    Randa is the best agent in the entire westchester county. Very friendly, knowledgeable & communicates efficiently. She acts in an efficient timely manner and every time I work with her she goes above & beyond for me. Buying/Selling process can be smooth when dealing with Randa and she is a win win agent for Centry 21. I will never deal with anyone else. I trust Randa & her experience. Thank you Randa!!
  • Seller review
    Randa has experience effectively developing good relationships with her clients. She works tirelessly to satisfy client needs and to effect the most efficient sales within a reasonable time period. She also communicates well within the listing/sale process and informs the client about any issues. Randa works interactively with the client so that sound decisions are made. Also, Randa has earned the respect of office personnel and agents/brokers in the area. She helps the process by suggesting other vetted colleagues (a lawyer or handyman). It was a pleasure working with Randa on this real estate transaction. Randa kept in touch with me to discuss prospective buyers even while I was away from the area. She helped formulate a plan so that we could get the final buyer through the coop board application process. I am very grateful to have met Randa and worked with her in getting excellent tenants for my coop over a period of three years. Naturally I selected her to handle the coop sale when a new board policy made it impossible to keep the coop. Randa also gave me encouragement during the process when I became anxious. She is the best! Hopefully other clients will appreciate her as much as I do.
  • Seller review
    Randa was always so easy to work. She took the sale of the house or anything pertaining to it as her very own. She was detailed and knew how to be in compliance with the laws and regulation of the NY state. She was prompt in responding to calls and attending to issues right away. She kept her word. One thing I experienced with Randa is that she was very respectful. She respected people with any background and always put the clients need first. She did not allow holidays, weather or time stop her from carrying out her duties. She was always there no matter what time of day it was. I will recommend Randa for any sale of your home. She is wonderful, diligent, hardworking, and most of all respectful. It was a very pleasant, and a smooth experience working with Mr. Randa Rabadi. Century 21 is the place or the agency that I would strongly recommend for the sale of your home. The team was explicit in their service and commitment. The staff portrayed professionalism and teamwork. It was a great experience to work with such people who were committed. Everyone was punctual and made sure everything that client needed was addressed. The secretaries, the manager, and the agents were exclusively attentive to the clients' needs. They put clients' need as a priority always and nothing other than that. I highly recommend century 21 to anyone in Yonkers, NYC or NYS for the sale of your home. I would not complete this note by commending Mr. Abraham Matthew who is simply amazing. He would be at the office early and would leave after everyone left. I have not seen such dedication in this time and age we live in. I have been honored to work with him and his team. He really took this very personally and carried everything meticulously. He was precise and knowledgeable. Mrs.Margaret Praide has been a great pillar to his agency and she would take care of business with diligence in the absence of Mr. Matthew. Altogether this is the conclusion of my recommendation... Choose Century 21.... You are in great hands!!!!!
  • Seller review
    As earlier mentioned, Randa did an excellent job and comes highly recommended.

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(4.5) 5 Ratings

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