When you take the homebuying and selling process from transactional to experiential, each memorable moment can last a lifetime. Simone has not only found a way to capture those moments for her clients, but she also cheers them on, along the way.

Simone Plush is one of the winners of the Relentless Agent Awards and has a knack for capturing memories. Before she made the career change into real estate, Simone worked in admissions, helping others make life-lasting career choices. It was during that time, her compassion to empower others grew and she became an advocate for those she helped by holding them accountable in achieving their goals and dreams. 

Simone recognized, very early on, the value of documenting life’s journeys. She believes if you intentionally capture memories, you’ll remain motivated and focused on your ‘why.’ Simone’s passion for helping others celebrate milestones, and not allowing them to forget each victory has also left a lasting impression with her clients. She surprises them with a keepsake video, at the end of each closing, so they will have moments to remember and cherish for a lifetime.

When contacted by a family looking to purchase their dream home, Simone immediately began capturing photos and videos of their journey. Her clients had a less than memorable experience with their previous realtor and Simone did everything she could to put her new clients at ease. Without warning, there was a leak discovered in the basement of their prospective home and the family was devastated. Simone reminded them of their ‘why’ and encouraged them to remain positive. She not only reminded them of their dream of home ownership, but she made sure she took care of the situation, ensuring their every need was met. On closing day, she provided the family with the keepsake video that, in their words, was just the icing on the cake. 

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