Home of the Brave

My client had a rental property that she needed to sell. She told me that there was a tenant in there. “I guess he’s gonna have to move when, when we sell
the house.”

I figured out he was a vet. And he just really didn’t want to move, and he felt bad. I told him that, if I can get him financed, then the payments would be less
than his rent.

I had to drive him to the bank, do all the applications. He was so thrilled that he could become a homeowner of the place that he was liv- living in for the
last 12 years.

Sometimes being a good agent is making sure people don’t have to move.

This veteran had no idea he could own his own home until Norm showed him how. A man brave enough to serve his country should never fear losing the roof over his head. See the story during our celebration of Half a Century of Nothing Halfway.