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Michelle Carrasco of CENTURY 21 Mike Bowman, Inc.

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  • 2022 - Masters Emerald
  • 2021 - Masters Ruby

Personal Profile

I am a graduate of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX, and majored in Business/Marketing. I have a Masters in International Business from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. I received my Real Estate license from the Cameron School of Business in 2004 and chose this profession because I enjoy every aspect of the business... from helping first-time home buyers to seasoned home buyers. My focus is on helping them find the perfect fit to call home! I have over 20 years of sales, marketing, and customer service experience with such companies as Heineken USA, Coors Brewing Company, and Hilton Worldwide. I have experience with short sales, foreclosures, downsizing senior citizens, and HUD home buying. I also have commercial retail sales and leasing experience as well as multi-family. I look forward to working with you soon.

Client Reviews

5 out of 5

(5) 20 Ratings
  • Seller review
    My first time to deal with a Realtor, so have no previous experience. All went well and I am satisfied with the results.
  • Buyer review
    Michelle Carrasco was specifically referred by Alexandria Geczi, PLLC, who represented me through my divorce. I had to move quickly (less than two months), and Michelle was highly recommended as a woman who helps other women in my situation. For those people who are shocked by divorce or those who light the fuse to see the escape route, Michelle is your house goddess. Michelle was very attentive to my criteria and understood my priorities. She also knew where to look and what I wanted insofar as a property for my Dobermans and for me. I was very clear and exceptionally demanding regarding what I wanted and the geographic location (which was admittedly small, so the choices were limited). Falling just short of "Karen" status, I challenged Michelle to find me a house in a geographic space the size of a postage stamp. Not only did the house have to be in a specific spot, it needed a large yard to satisfy demanding Dobermans, have a two-car garage, no HOA, little/no carpet, and both a front and back patio. The list of things I wanted was longer than Kardashian boyfriends/husbands, but Michelle did not even flinch. Instead of trying to change my mind (not happening, which might also be a reason why I am newly single), Michelle instead found the perfect house. Plus, she understood my specific dog needs, as she is also lucky enough to own a Doberman. I realize many people think, "it is a dog," but they are very wrong. Michelle was an adept negotiator and tactfully aggressive regarding the pricing and terms of purchase after the inspection, which I greatly appreciated. Her suggestion for a second roofing review was wonderful. I also appreciated the fact that the first house I offered to buy fell through because I was educated by Michelle on an appropriate price (and the seller wanted too much for the property). She navigated the closing wonderfully and answered every question I had via email and text. As an academic, I love writing lists of things I must know, so Michelle had more lists of random questions than should have been allowed. She never told me to stop asking questions. I appreciate that. Michelle's knowledge and professionalism, as well as her attention to her clients, is unparalleled. Perhaps if potential clients want someone who is not as excellent as Michelle, then I guess that is their choice. If I ever purchase or sell properties, I am calling Michelle. If you like someone who needs a realtor, tell them about Michelle. If you hate someone with the fury of a thousand suns and they need a realtor, I would still tell them about Michelle, because she is awesome and can handle even the most complicated people. Simply put, if Michelle can make a woman who is ending a 20 year marriage at the same time she is purchasing a house for her two Dobermans and herself to start a new chapter, then she can find anyone a house. I literally filed my final divorce paperwork, closed, and moved in less than two weeks. Once I make up my mind to do something, I do not suffer fools that stand in my way. Michelle was an advocate and an ally through this process. She even worked with the lender and the seller to move my closing date up so I could move quicker! Huzzah! I will always reach out to Michelle, regardless of where she chooses to work. I am loyal to her over any larger office, so I suggest Century 21 Mike Bowman, Inc., do whatever they can to retain her expert services. Although I hope to never experience divorce again or moving (not sure which was more emotionally distressful), I shall call upon Michelle to assist if I move. Michelle is a woman who empowers other women to endure some emotionally draining situations (divorce, moving, home buying) and helps them throughout the entire process. She is a consummate professional with empathy. I am not the "let's hug it out and share our feelings" kind of person, so Michelle and I clicked immediately. She understands sarcasm, had no issues w
  • Buyer review
    Michelle Carrasco actively listened to the needs I expressed during our conversations at the beginning stages of the transaction. She was quick and efficient, she was a wonderful resource throughout the home-buying process. Michelle Carrasco answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns in a caring but professional manner throughout the process. I would recommend Michelle to family and friends because she worked diligently on my behalf and was a great advocate when she needed to be. I will definitely reach out to Michelle in the future with my real estate needs.
  • Seller review
    This was a complicated and drawn-out transaction. Aside from myself, there were three other sellers who are my siblings. Michelle was warm, friendly, and accommodating to all of us. With my siblings' approval, I took the lead in handling all transaction details/decisions. Two of my siblings do not use computer technology at all. Michelle made extra efforts to meet in person several times to obtain signatures on various documents. Michelle kept me in the loop at every juncture. It seems that the agent on the opposite side of the transaction was not as communicative as she/he should have been. In spite of this, Michelle reached out whenever she could to other sources to find the answers I needed to help me proceed appropriately. There were also several vendors involved in this deal whose services were costly. Michelle arranged for those vendors to be paid at closing, which lifted a huge financial burden from mine and my siblings' shoulders. I would readily recommend Michelle Carrasco to handle a "buy" or "sell" Real Estate transaction. She is a GREAT agent. (1) She's friendly and engaging. Her smile is warm, disarming, and puts a person immediately at ease. (2) She is knowledgeable about the real estate market in general, and real estate documents and how they should be drafted. As various 'issues' arose with the transaction, Michelle was "johnny-on-the-spot" searching for a solution. (3) Michelle is not afraid to say "I don't know" if she doesn't know the answer, but she goes to work to find the answer. (4) She's bi-lingual which was extremely helpful in our particular transaction. (5) She advocated for mine and my siblings' interests. I also highly recommend Century 21 Mike Bowman, Inc. brokerage.
  • Seller review
    Michelle is a true servant leader. Her passion is to put letters in the best interest of our client first! She has a keen eye for transaction details as part of your closing which is helpful for good-closing-accuracy!
  • Buyer review
    I have known Michelle for years now, and to be able to have her help us through this journey was the best decision we've could've made. I knew Michelle was trustworthy and I knew she would genuinely care to find us the best home for us. I simply let her tell me what to do as this was our first home purchase. We wouldn't have had it any other way. Not only is she a friend but now she's our realtor and someone that will always be in our lives for this purchase and for future purchases. I've already recommended her to friends and family!

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(5) 20 Ratings

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